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Product Ops Pillars is the first book to provide an accessible summary of what modern Product Operations looks like. You'll learn how to improve your team's performance and efficiency, which tools are essential, and how to design an operating model that will keep your company on top.

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“ This playbook will provide you with the framework you need to define what modern Product Ops can do for your organisation. It summarises the focus of dozens of Product professionals into an easy to understand and actionable playbook. "

Simon Hilton

Director of Product @ Karbon

What’s Inside ?

This document focuses on why Product Ops is becoming a growing force in the product community, the value it brings to the organisation and the core practises the community is aligning around.

It comes from having spoken to dozens of product managers and their adjacent counterparts they need to work with in crafting valuable products.  

The pillars we focus on are:

Uniting People with Processes and Tools


Developing Cross Organisational Alignment

Making the Right Data Easily Available

“This playbook offers Product Leaders a fantastic framework to the components that make up Product Ops and will help you set your team up for success.”

“Product Pillars is a great entry into the world of product operations. Often product leaders are expected to provide an environment for everyone to do their best work but it gets sidelined when putting out all of the fires. Instead they can hire people to align their success with the success of the community of practice. This playbook is a great starting point.”

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